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Franz Schubert/

Brass Quintet $15
Trumpets have the melody while the low brass plays the accompaniment.
Robert Parsons/
Brass Quintet $15
Written in the late 1500s as a 5 part vocal piece. It sits well with the quintet instrumentation.
Handel/Loeffler Brass Quintet $15
Optional piccolo trumpet.
Bach/Loeffler Brass Quintet $15
This is a workout for the tuba.
Marcello/Loeffler Brass Quintet $15
The Heavens are Telling the Glory of God.
Beethoven/Loeffler Brass Quintet $25
Includes 1st Trpt in Bb/Eb; 2nd Trpt in Bb/C
Wedding March
Mendelssohn/Loeffler Brass Quintet $20
From A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Wedding March
Wagner/Loeffler Brass Quintet $20
From Lohengrin.
Bach/Loeffler Brass Quintet $15
From Cantata 147

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